The Morning After: Quantic & Alice Russell

Venue: The Exchange, Los Angeles

March 22, 2012

Oh, how I loved this band. Quantic & Alice Russell reminds me of Soulive‘s funky younger cousin, recently moved to South America and visiting the states only briefly. Will Holland, aka Quantic, is a musician/DJ/producer from the UK and now based in Colombia. On this tour he comes bearing wonderful gifts: Latin-inspired percussion, rhythms, gorgeous melodies–and of course Russell, a British soul singer. (Are all killer female soul singers from the UK these days?)

The performance ended tighter than it started, mostly I believe due to the fact that there were some sound/balance issues during the first few songs and the musicians were having a hard time hearing each other. (It kills me when you can see musicians on stage repeatedly motioning for their mikes/audio to be turned up–I’d do it for you if I could, guys.) But once the deep and dynamic Russell hit her stride, I was sorry it was over.

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One thought on “The Morning After: Quantic & Alice Russell

  1. Guido Pozzuoli says:

    You tend toward the violin … interesting. Loved the music.

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